Sports shooting

Precision, accuracy and the ability to master the highest level of concentration describe the target shooting sports. This traditional and fascinating sports discipline has existed for decades and it keeps gaining popularity. Due to the long history of target shooting sports, there are several disciplines and weapon types used for the sport. This also requires the right target system for the best training experience.

INTARSO offers a complete solution for shooting sports athletes: reliable hardware and modern, analytical target shooting software to analyse shooting performance.

Our targets in action

How to choose the most appropriate target system for shooting sports?

In shooting sports, the athlete strives to reach utmost accuracy and precision. Therefore, during the training phase, it is important that target systems are accurate and provide training feedback in real-time, as well as the possibility to view historical training results. This offers athletes valuable insight into any improvement of precision over time. INTARSO electronic scoring targets ensure both - hardware with exceptional hit accuracy of less than1/10 mm and modern target shooting software.

When choosing an electronic scoring target for shooting sports, we suggest looking at the shooting distance you are training for. INTARSO offers electronic scoring targets for the most popular shooting distances of 25, 50, 100 and 300 meters. To find the right target type, it is also important to identify the gun type. INTARSO has target systems for athletes using air guns.

Another type of target system that is popular among shooting sports athletes is the target carrier on ropes that use conventional paper targets. INTARSO offers models that are suitable for individual use, like TCR20 shooting sports target. In order to select the most appropriate shooting sports target system for your particular needs, we suggest contacting us for a consultation.

What materials are INTARSO shooting sports target systems made of?

When manufacturing our target systems, we use durable and reliable materials to ensure long service life. Most of our shooting target systems require minimum to no maintenance. Many of the INTARSO target systems are manufactured of solid metal and anodized aluminium.

Can I use INTARSO shooting sports target systems at outdoor shooting ranges?

INTARSO offers shooting target systems for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. However, most of the shooting sports disciplines take place indoors and therefore, our target systems are designed mainly for indoor shooting ranges. However, INTARSO also manufactures shooting sports targets that are suitable for outdoor use. We offer customised solutions to meet our customers’ needs. If you are looking for a shooting sports target for outdoor use, we suggest contacting us and we will help you to find the right target system.

What ammunition should I use for INTARSO shooting sports targets systems?

INTARSO shooting target systems are designed with the needs of the athletes in mind and therefore, are suitable for the most widely used ammunition for shooting sports.

How can I set up INTARSO target systems for shooting sports?

As part of our complete service offering, we provide installation services for our shooting target systems. We also developed detailed user manuals to help you set up and configure the systems yourself. All user manuals can be accessed on our document download page.