Target shooting systems and equipment

INTARSO manufactures and installs a wide range of target systems for sports shooters, hunters and practical shooters. We have a long history of German engineering and unique industry know-how that allow us to offer reliable training equipment and intelligent target shooting software for a better training experience and more effective shooting club operations. We work directly with shooting clubs gun ranges, hunters, practical shooters as well as individuals who are looking for target systems to use at home.

Why choose INTARSO training systems?

INTARSO has been in the industry for nearly 80 years. This means that we know the target shooting and practical training industry inside out and have grown together with it. Our roots in German engineering help us design safe and reliable products.

However, we are always eager to learn and continue innovating in order to come up with new and better target systems that offer even more customized solutions to our customers. Our INTARSO software is a great example of our innovation-oriented mind-set. Our software is the most modern solution available on the market, uncovering new functionality and ways of analysing performance results.

We value feedback from our customers and are always interested in helping you find the right solution. We have great customer service and we offer simple pricing modules.

How to choose the most appropriate target system?

At INTARSO, we know how important it is to have the right equipment to achieve the best training quality; therefore, we offer reliable target training equipment that fully caters to the specifications and requirements of each market segment.

We have introduced a Filter option on our website to help you better navigate through our product portfolio. We suggest looking at the three Filter criteria when choosing the most appropriate target systems for your needs:

Market segment We suggest looking at products based on your segment– shooting sports, hunting or practical shooting. It will help you filter out target systems that are more suitable for your specific needs.

Weapon type You can determine which target type will be the most suitable one for you by looking at the weapon you use – air pistol, air rifle, small-bore rifle, small bore pistol, big bore pistol, shotgun or crossbow.

Shooting distance Shooting distance is one of the criteria that determine which target system will fit your needs the best. Commonly used distances are: 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 and 300 meters. INTARSO offers target scoring systems for each of these options. Practical shooters use various tactical target systems in their training programs in order to prepare for real-life scenarios. Shooting requires high levels of concentration, reaction time and precision that sets it apart from any other sport. Many people also engage in target shooting as a recreational activity by visiting gun ranges and enrolling in shooting clubs to train their precision and accuracy. Hunters use electronic targets to maintain their skills during the offseason.

Before purchasing a target system, it is important to understand which product is the most suitable one for your needs. There are different types of targets to choose from. There are stationary or static targets that do not move. Dynamic targets, like running or moving targets, move sideways and imitate running. The latter is widely used in hunting for running boar disciplines as well as in practical training programs. Turning and targets are an integral part of the practical shooting training agenda; they help with stress management and sharpen quick decision making skills for the shoot-or-don't-shoot situations.

INTARSO believes that open communication can lead to better and faster results, so if you have any questions or need advice on which target system is the most suitable one for you, feel free to contact us for advice.