At INTARSO we believe in reliable target systems and easy to understand pricing modules. We provide a full range of products and services. We have created an overview to explain various elements that create price of our electronic target systems. We also want to give our customers some flexibility, so you can tailor pick the solutions and support levels that work best for your needs to make sure you get the best value for the best price.

How Does The Pricing Work?

Step 1

Select a target system


Step 2

Select additional software packages and add ons.



Step 3

Select desired support level


Step 4


As displayed above, our pricing process consists of three simple steps. Our electronic target system hardware comes together with basic software that is included in the price. To better address the various needs of our customers, we have developed several software packages that you can choose from:

FeaturesBasic single deviceClub multi-deviceCompetition
Shot editing / Note taking / Use of personal devices ( laptop, tablet, smartphone)
Single target connection and controls
Pre-defined interface layouts / Result history overview
User profiles / User Management / Admin console
Free training mode / Disciplines for international and local shooting organizations (ISSF, DSB, BDS, others)
Single session data export in .CSV
Server for multi-device connection and control / Live synchronization of all devices
Multiple session data export in .CSV
Automated backups
Target maintenance notifications / Automated troubleshooting
Live rankings / Spectator screen layout
Athlete entry list import from Excel
Competition schedules / Results printout in .PDF
Custom Target / Discipline / Competitions builder
Club branding
Bundled with hardwarePricing upon requestPricing upon request

We understand that the needs of each shooting club or individual shooter can be very different, therefore we also offer add-ons for Club and Competition packages.

Once you have selected hardware and software, it's time to choose the appropriate support agreement. Also here we have come up with four different levels you can choose from depending on your needs:

Service Support Agreement LevelWhat is included?
Level 1 (Included)
• Current software version release, including critical bug fixes and software upgrade
• Online self-service support: FAQ, videos, manuals and product guides
Level 2 (Software Live support)
• Free software upgrades to newer versions, including new functionalities
• E-mail support: Monday - Friday with a 48h response time
• Phone support: Monday - Friday, 9.00 – 16.00 CET
Level 3 (Hardware Live Support)
• E-mail support: Monday - Friday with a 48h response time
• Phone support: Monday - Friday, 9.00 – 16.00 CET
• Immediate equipment replacement (upon agreement)
• Unexpected equipment maintenance and servicing
\ Available in Europe. Please contact sales to check options for your region.
Level 4 (Hardware Live Support)
• Level 2 and Level 3 combined

If you still have questions or you simply don't know which hardware, software package, or service agreement is most suitable for your needs, our team is here to consult you