Electronic scoring target systems

INTARSO manufactures electronic scoring targets for air pistol and air rifle distances for shooting sports athletes and hunters. We also offer target systems for practical shooters. Each system consists of reliable hardware and INTARSO software that empowers quality firearms training. Each of the target systems listed below has exceptional hit accuracy and automated hit recording.

Our targets in action

How to choose the most appropriate electronic scoring target system?

When deciding on the right electronic scoring target system, we suggest first looking at the gun-type that will be used for training. INTARSO offers targets for air rifle, air pistol, small-bore rifle, small bore pistol, big-bore rifle, high power rifle and big-bore pistol for 25, 50, 100 and 300-meter distances. Another option is to look at the market segment - shooting sports, hunting or practical shooting training - as INTARSO has different systems specifically designed for each segment.

Electronic scoring targets are widely used in the shooting sports. These targets make training and competitions much easier and more convenient as hits and scores are registered automatically. This also makes the sport more interesting to the spectators as live results and ranking lists can be displayed on big screens and people can follow the competition live. Moreover, the system provides immediate feedback to the shooter. There is also less waste with electronic targets as less paper is used, thus making it a more sustainable solution. Paper targets have become obsolete for the purpose of registering hits. This is because when using paper targets, the shooter and the audience cannot see exactly where the hit landed. In order to assess the score, the range officer has to go to the target area and inspect the result, which is more time-consuming, slows down the competition process and might create questionable situations if range officers cannot agree on the result.

Electronic targets are also popular among hunters, especially for the running boar target. Benefits that electronic scoring targets bring to hunters are the same as described above for the shooting sports.

What technology does INTARSO use for its electronic scoring system?

INTARSO uses several technologies for electronic scoring, such as closed chamber acoustic measurement, open system for supersonic measurement and the laser measuring principle of optical light. Each technology has its own specific characteristics and advantages depending on the type of shooting you are involved in.

Can I use electronic scoring targets on outdoor ranges?

INTARSO electronic targets are designed to be used at the indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. If you require an electronic target system for an outdoor shooting range, we suggest contacting our team and we will advise you on the best solution.

What ammunition can I use on INTARSO electronic targets?

Our target systems are designed to be used for different ammunition types, starting from air pressure ammunition, like pellets for air rifles and air pistols, small-bore ammunition, such as .22LR, and other ammunition types. Specific ammunition types are indicated in user manuals for each product; manuals are available at the document download page. We also suggest consulting our team on the appropriate ammunition type for each target system.

How do I set up the target system?

User manuals with detailed system setup and software installation information can be downloaded from our document download page.