Turning target adapter DSA

The INTARSO turning target adapter system is crafted for dynamic, scalable shooting practice at ranges. Catering to all shooting disciplines with sporting weapons, this system offers a modular and versatile platform for enhancing shooting skills and 180° reaction training with varied front and back targets. Whether used individually or combined with up to 10 systems side by side, it's ideal for group training sessions and compatible with DSB, ISSF, or custom target silhouettes.


2-Year Warranty

Easy Installation

Worldwide Shipping

The system includes

  • DSA turning mechanism with target holder
  • Tablet PC with radio server and software
  • Wi-Fi antenna

Optional equipment

  • Battery with charger (standard - BOSCH)
  • Cable connection
  • Stand
  • Bullet protection
  • 180° front/back distinction for reaction training

  • Compatible with both small and large caliber ammunition

  • Fast, accurate, and dependable performance

  • The system offers 90° and 180° turns, enabling target displays on the "White," "Black," or neutral side in turning mode

  • Integrates seamlessly with up to 10 adjacent systems

  • User-friendly control via tablet and software

  • Display on the system shows status information (including communication status, supply voltage, error messages)

  • Dimensions - 185 mm (L) x 200 mm (H) x 275 mm (W)