Turning and running targets

Turning, moving and pop-up targets are a great way to train quick threat identification and decision-making, as well as stress tolerance. INTARSO manufactures turning and pop-up targets that are designed to meet the specific training needs of practical shooters.

What are the benefits of turning targets?

Turning and running targets offer a lot of benefits for live-fire training. The main advantage of turning targets is that they provide all trainees with the same amount of time to react. Such targets are also suitable to train stress management. The fact that there is only limited time to take the shot creates a lot of stress that has to be handled. Moreover, when training in a group, additional stress occurs as all shooters should shoot more or less at the same time for utmost precision. This stress scenario accurately simulates real-life situations.

Targets can be coupled in groups to create a dynamic, scenario-based training environment. Different triggers can be set to activate a specific target or a group of targets with the use of activation sensors. This functionality allows users to create numerous standardized or custom training situations.

What materials are INTARSO turning targets made off?

Our turning target systems are produced according to the highest manufacturing standards to ensure long service life of the systems. During the manufacturing process, we use high-quality materials such as solid metal and galvanized steel. When designing our products, we prioritize the needs of the end-users. For our customers it is important that the target system keeps working for decades; therefore, we manufacture reliable and durable target systems.

Can I use INTARSO turning targets at outside shooting ranges?

INTARSO running and turning targets are designed to be used both at the indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Proper storage and use will ensure a longer system life span. Please view our product portfolio to find the most suitable system for your needs. If you require a consultation, please contact our experts and we will be glad to assist you.

What ammunition can I use on INTARSO turning targets?

Our turning target systems are designed for SimunitionĀ® and live-fire firearms ammunition of different calibers. For more details about ammunition, please check the specifications of the particular target system.

How to set up INTARSO turning targets?

All our target solutions come together with a detailed user manual and technical documentation on how to set them up. These documents can be accessed through our document download page. However, we do offer to set up the targets for our customers as well. When making a purchase, please consult with our experts on the best installation option for you.