TS25 Electronic Scoring Target

The TrueScore25 electronic scoring target is the evolution of our SQ55 electronic scoring target. TrueScore 25 electronic scoring target uses our latest, cutting-edge TrueScore technology to measure the hits accurately. The target is designed for 25, 50, and 100 metre shooting distances. Our TrueScore measuring technology transforms how shooters measure their accuracy and skill. Utilising a sophisticated, non-contact method, it accurately determines the position of each shot with unprecedented precision. The digital target positioning system, enhanced with a uniform light curtain, represents a significant leap in digital target technology, particularly for air gun competitions and training. TrueScore25's high-speed sensors deliver exceptional accuracy, offering an unmatched level of shot value recognition.


2-Year Warranty

Easy Installation

Worldwide Shipping

  • Different software packages to meet the individual shooter or club requirements

  • Web-based, compatible with any modern web browser

  • Supports different devices and screen sizes

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS

  • Supports targets and disciplines from ISSF, DSB, BDS

  • Individual user profiles and access to personal training history


The system includes

  • TrueScore25 system
  • 24V power supply
  • Multifunction display on the back side
  • The basic configuration of consumables

Additional equipment

  • RED/GREEN Display for time-sensitive disciplines
  • Hit Evaluation - electronic system with 55 x 55cm detection area

  • Supported ammunition - small bore and big bore ammunition up to 7000j shot energy

  • Dimensions - Depth: 900 mm, Height: 1850 mm, Width: 780 mm

  • Power supply 24V power supply unit

  • Data transmission via integrated Wi-Fi

  • Measurement technology with light curtain and rubber passe-partout

  • Optional Integrated measuring frame illumination

  • Galvanised steel base frame and pole shoe for floor mounting and interchangeable protection plates available in: 05mm steel (200 J. bullet energy) / 10mm Hardox® 400 (up to 2500 J. bullet energy) / 15mm Hardox® 500 (up to 7000 J. bullet energy)