TrueScore10 is now ISSF Level 1 certified

Intarso GmbH proudly announces that our TrueScore10 electronic scoring target has officially received the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Level 1 certification, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing top-quality shooting sports equipment.

The ISSF Level 1 certification is a testament to the functionality and accuracy of our electronic scoring target. This certification, conducted by the ISSF, validates that the TrueScore10 electronic scoring target meets the rigorous standards set for use in sanctioned competitions. It focuses primarily on the target's function and accuracy, ensuring it performs reliably under various conditions​​. Achieving this certification underscores TrueScore10's precision and technical excellence.

"We are thrilled with this achievement," says Gerhard Lechner, president of Intarso. "Our team has dedicated countless hours to designing and refining the TrueScore10 electronic scoring target to make it one of the most accurate targets in the market. This recognition from the ISSF is a testament to our hard work and dedication."

Vice President Intarso Oliver Dittmar added, "Achieving the ISSF Level 1 certification is just the beginning. We are committed to continually improving our products. Our next goal is to achieve higher levels of ISSF certification, demonstrating our unyielding dedication to quality and innovation in the shooting sports industry."

The ISSF certification process has been designed to ensure complete transparency and achievable standards for all target manufacturers. The Level 1 certification, which the TrueScore10 electronic scoring target has successfully passed, focuses on target accuracy, using criteria that independent evaluators have scrutinised to guarantee impartiality and precision​​.

TrueScore10 electronic scoring target is designed for sports clubs and international shooting competitions for 10 and 15-metre shooting distances for air pistols and air rifles. The optical measurement frame ensures exact hit scoring, giving the user true confidence in each shot measured. The TrueScoer10 electronic target has been already certified by DSB ( German Shooting Federation). 

Intarso's ISSF Level 1 certification is a significant step forward in our journey towards excellence in the shooting sports industry. We are deeply proud of this accomplishment and are excited to continue our journey towards even greater achievements.

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