TCR80 Target Retrieval System

TCR80 is an automatic target plate transport system with an 800 mm track width for small-bore and big-bore weapons. TCR80 automatic target carrier system has the same features and properties as TCR40 hunting target. Both target systems are designed on the same technology and from the same durable materials. The trolley is made of galvanized steel and runs on eight non-abrasive rolls with ball bearings. The galvanized steel ropes are additionally covered with plastics ensuring better protection and longer service life.

The target carriage is controlled automatically and can be stopped at any position during forward or backward transport. At the endpoints (start and end) the speed of the system is slowed down. When reaching the stop position the engine is switched off and held in the position.



2-Year Warranty

easy installation

Easy Installation

worldwide shipping

Worldwide Shipping


The system includes

• Motor plate
• Trolley
• Fork with pulley
• Guide rope and transport rope
• At a distance of 100m, an overflow is included in the delivery

  • Size / dimensions: height xx m, width xx m, depth xx m

  • Mounting option: stand mount, ceiling mount

  • Distance: 25, 50,100 meters

  • Supported weapons: small-bore rifle, small-bore pistol, big-bore rifle / high power rifle, big-bore pistol, shotgun, crossbow

  • Intermediate stops at any distances

  • Mounting options: on the floor, to a wall, or overhead installation

  • Controlled by a microprocessor device

  • Easy connection by 230V safety plug

  • Simple rope tension

  • Easy installation with 4 fixing screws required at start and end of the track

  • Silent operation

  • Durable, maintenance-free system