Target retrieval systems

The INTARSO product portfolio includes different automatic target retrieval systems. Most of our systems in this product range are designed to be used by shooting sports athletes or shooting club members; however, INTARSO ORT Basic and ORT Advanced target retrieval systems are designed specifically for the practical shooters. We offer indoor and outdoor target retrieval systems for small and large-caliber weapons and various target sizes. INTARSO has wireless target retrievals with stand mount and ceiling mount options, as well as target carriers on ropes.

All target retrievers are manufactured according to the highest industry standards and are reliable and durable.

How to choose the most appropriate target retrieval system?

Target retrieval systems are one of the most popular systems used nowadays. Depending on the country and the region it may be called a target runner, a target carrier on ropes, a retrievable target and the most widely used – a target retrieval system. Target carriers are used to carry the target from the shooting point to the bullet trap.

Target retrievers still use paper targets; therefore, it is easy to change the target type according to your preferences.

Target retrieval systems can be divided into two main types: target carriers on ropes and wireless target retrievers, also called overhead retrievable targets. INTARSO manufactures and installs both, depending on the customer’s needs. We suggest starting your selection process with the location where our target retriever will be installed – indoors or outdoors. Wireless target retrievers are usually used in indoor shooting ranges. Target carriers on ropes are more suited for indoor use as well; however, we also offer two target carriers - TCR40 and TCR80 that can be used at an outdoor shooting range.

Once the location is determined, we suggest looking at the distance, the track width and the weapon you will be using. INTARSO offers target carriers on ropes for different track sizes starting from 200 mm up to 800 mm for rifles and pistols and, alternatively, for a crossbow.

Our specialists are available to help you determine the right target system for you. Please contact us for a consultation.

What materials are INTARSO retrievable target systems made of?

Most parts of our retrievable targets are made from solid metal and anodized aluminium. We have designed our products so that they are durable and reliable and can be used for many years. All systems require low to no maintenance, making them the perfect fit for any shooting club or gun range.

Can I use INTARSO retrievable targets at the outdoor shooting ranges?

Majority of our target systems are designed to be used at indoor shooting ranges; however, we have systems that can be used as outdoor target retrievable systems as well.

What ammunition should I use on retrievable targets?

We have designed target systems suitable for air pressure ammunition, like air rifle and air pistol, as well as for firearm ammunition. Please check product specifications for the right ammunition type for each system. Incompatible type of ammunition may damage the system. If you are using another type of ammunition, please consult our team on the best target solution.

How to set up INTARSO target retrieval system?

We offer target solutions with DIY (Do It Yourself) assembly. For more complex target systems, like the overhead retrievable targets, our specialists are there to install the system for you. We also suggest checking our user manuals for the system you are interested in. These can be accessed and downloaded from our document download page.