SB2000 Biathlon Target System

SB2000 summer biathlon target system is suitable for beginners and advanced athletes who shoot with an air rifle. It is designed for shooting in a prone position with the target diameter of 15 mm and in the standing position, the target diameter being 35 mm.

The targets are self-indicting – when the athlete hits the target bullseye, the insert falls and the flaps cover the disk, giving the athlete, the judges, and the audience instant visual feedback. The athlete can set up the falling-plate-systems again by a support bracket that is attached to the system by a string.

The system has five discs – black metal inserts on a bright background. The system can also be used for pistol shooting, all you need are air pistol inserts that you can easily change yourself. Up to three air pistol inserts can be attached.

The system can be mounted directly on the wall or placed with its feet on a base. The feet have four holes for screwing, thus ensuring better stability.



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Easy Installation

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