RT25 Rotary Target System

The RT25 Rotary Target is an electronically controlled target unit that can turn 4, 5 or 6 target silhouettes in response to commands from a control system. It is designed for practical shooting training and is especially suitable for reaction time training at shooting ranges. It is appropriate for group training and can be used with conventional paper targets of your type and design.


2-Year Warranty

Easy Installation

Worldwide Shipping

The system includes

  • The system consists of target mechanisms with target holders and target silhouettes
  • Electronic box
  • Control unit and a remote control

Optional equipment

On request

  • Configurable with 4, 5, or 6 target mechanisms

  • Fast and accurate system ensuring reliability

  • User-friendly interface via a portable Tablet PC

  • Comes with a handy remote control unit

  • Equipped with a direct-drive brushless DC motor

  • Robust and durable frame design

  • Each mechanism features a display indicating status, voltage, communication, and error alerts

  • The system can execute 90° and 180° turns between the front and back, allowing target silhouettes to rotate to the "White", "Black", or neutral "Edge" side in rotating mode.