PA25 Turning Target

The PA25 turning target system is designed for practical shooting training and is especially suitable for reaction time training. The 90° turning target mechanism presents the target silhouette or the edge (neutral) of a target board.

The target system is designed to train basic marksmanship skills and reaction time training. It is appropriate for training in groups and can be used with conventional paper targets of your own type and design.

In addition to these programs, the system includes a program for training and combat with freely selectable times. The shooter has perfect control over his remaining shooting time. To allow the shooter to start a program from a concrete position, a remote control with 50-meter operational a range can be purchased additionally.

The frame and the moving parts are manufactured from solid steel. The frame is a solid, welded construction made from a tube. It will be bolted on a flat surface (for example, a foundation). Targets can be easily fixed on the carriers that are made from foamed structure.



2-Year Warranty

easy installation

Easy Installation

worldwide shipping

Worldwide Shipping

The system includes

• Turning mechanism for 4, 5, or 6 targets (target boards included)
• Control unit
• Control cable (approximately 33 meters in length)
• Remote control

Optional equipment

  • A movable rail system
  • Distances: 25 meters

  • Supported weapons: small-bore pistol, big-bore rifle / high power rifle, big-bore pistol

  • Two controller versions available - analog and digital

  • Three-phase AC motor with a frequency converter and a power of 0.37 kW

  • The control unit works with a 230 V/50 Hz power supply

  • A 33-meter control cable connects the control unit and the turning device

  • Connection cable power supply (230V)

  • Connection cable length is 3 meters

  • Controlled by a microprocessor

  • Stationary version and a moving version on rails are available

  • Stable and steadfast frame

  • Ball-bearing target holders