ORT Advanced Target Retrieval System

ORT Advanced is an overhead target retrieval system with a 180° turning target mechanism (The Friend or Foe exercise) that is specifically designed for dynamic and scalable training at the indoor shooting ranges. The target is designed to meet the specific training needs of practical shooters.

The overhead retrievable system has several operation modes - forward, backward, stop and turn. The target silhouette has several target presentation modes (The Friend or Foe exercise). The silhouette can be turned around on at any position on the track. This system helps to train the decision-making skills for the shoot-or-don't-shoot scenarios. The driving unit and the control device are installed on a solid steel plate. The product is constructed from stainless steel, aluminium, and galvanized steel, which makes it robust and long-lasting.



2-Year Warranty

easy installation

Easy Installation

worldwide shipping

Worldwide Shipping

The system includes

• Target retriever with the target holder
• Drive unit
• Rail system
• Lane target controller (LTC)

  • Distances: up to 10 m, 15 m, 25 m, 50 m and 100 m

  • Supported weapons: small-bore rifle, small-bore pistol, big-bore rifle / high power rifle, big-bore pistol, shotgun

  • Intermediate stops at any distance available

  • Microprocessor-controlled positioning

  • Automatic self-initialization

  • Inverter powered by a 250W three-phase motor

  • Easy connection with a 230V safety plug

  • Silent operation

  • Maintenance-free

  • Easy installation