MT50 Running Boar Target

The MT50 is a moving target system designed for the running boar discipline. The system consists of hardware and electronic scoring software that ensures fast, easy and safe receipt of hit information. There is no need to go to the target area to see the score. The shooting score is displayed on your computer or tablet.

For the ultimate training experience, the system can also be configured to record near misses (shots made outside the target card area) and can also be detected and displayed. This gives considerable added value for missed hits analysis.



2-Year Warranty

easy installation

Easy Installation

worldwide shipping

Worldwide Shipping

  • Different software packages to meet the individual shooter or club requirements

  • Web-based, compatible with any modern web browser

  • Supports different devices and screen sizes

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS

  • Supports targets and disciplines from ISSF, DSB, BDS

  • Individual user profiles and access to personal training history

We also provide additional software features based on your needs.


The system includes

Our complete target system consists of the motor drive, a 14m rail track, the trolley with measuring bar and target holder. Also we deliver the software together with the electronic display device, i. E. A PC/monitor combination or a tablet.

Optional equipment

  • WiFi upgrade
  • Turning boar upgrade
  • Open measurement system with an automatic hit detection. Accuracy depends on the caliber used and provides an accuracy between 3 - 5 mm

  • Rail track up to 16m length

  • Distance to be used: 30m - 100m

  • Supported weapons: small-bore rifle, big-bore, high power rifle, shotgun

  • Bullet minimum speed of V0of 450m/s

  • Immediate hit presentation at the shooters display

  • Data communication via LAN or WiFi

  • Remote start with open connector (hand switch, footswitch, light barrier)

  • FQ-Inverter controlled motor speed

  • Optional remote start via hand switch, foot switch or light barrier

  • Microprocessor positioning using magnetic and inductive sensors

  • Speed setting: 1-3m/s in 0,01m/s steps

  • Inverter powered 550W three-phase motor

  • Easy connection by 230V safety plug

  • Automatic pull-rope tension adjustment

  • Reduced noise operation, maintenance-less components

  • Optional: displaying of bullet speed when hitting the target