INTARSO launches 10-meter electronic target with new scoring technology

INTARSO GmbH is announcing the launch of TrueScoreTM 10 electronic scoring target for 10-meter shooting distance. The target is tested and certified by DSB ensuring the exact accuracy of the hit detection.

INTARSO team has spent years testing and evaluating different scoring technologies to develop unprecedented precision in electronic scoring. “The development of the TrueScore technology has occupied our skilled engineering team for over 28 months. Many attempts have ultimately led to an outstanding result, which has given us a unique selling point within the competitive landscape!" says Oliver Dittmar, Vice President INTARSO GmbH.

TrueScore is a trademark of our latest electronic scoring technology development. The name speaks for itself. What our system will deliver and what we promise to our customers are true and accurate scores.

TrueScoreTM10 electronic scoring target for 10-meter shooting distance

TrueScore electronic scoring technology uses a light curtain that produces a light plane for accurate hit detection. The light tunnel technology ensures exact accuracy across the whole target area, giving the user true confidence in each measurement taken. Each TrueScore 10 target unit comes with a DSB calibration certificate.

TrueScore10 has a built-in TFT Display which can be used as Traffic Light or to display the last hit position. The target has been designed for use at sports clubs and international competitions. The system can be easily adjusted to any training and competitive scenario.

Unique optical measurement technology for superior scoring accuracy

TrueScoreTM electronic scoring technology uses a light curtain that produces a light plane for accurate hit detection. When the bullet passes through the light curtain, it creates a shadow. The two-line cameras capture the bullet shadow and perform high-speed image processing for hit recording. The cameras are taking 160 000 photos per second. This guarantees that any type of bullet will be detected at any known speed at our promised accuracy.

Each line-camera-sensor has high-resolution sensors, providing a quasi-analog image for processing. A highly intelligent calibration algorithm performed on every individual unit ensures the same accuracy over the whole detection area.

The camera images are analyzed, and the shot position is calculated and sent to a TrueScore server which collects data from multiple TrueScore10 targets connected to the network. Shooters can view the results using any device connected to the network using any modern web browser application. The user-friendly webpage clearly displays the latest shots and allows the shooter to easily review previous results.

The system is not affected by regular dust or smoke or slowly moving objects. In addition, smart algorithms recognize fault states and guide the user to effortlessly solve most issues.

TrueScoreTM electronic scoring technology is scalable. It is possible to scale it up to 8 x 10 meters creating light tunnels for an advanced and accurate training experience.

Contact INTARSO team for more information about TrueScoreTM10 electronic scoring target.