Target practice helps hunters improve their precision and train during the offseason. INTARSO offers shooting target systems specifically designed for hunters. Running boar is among the most popular target shooting disciplines and INTARSO offers a running target for this discipline. Electronic scoring targets are also popular among hunters as they help detect the exact position of the shot and also provide analytics about training results. INTARSO offers a complete solution for hunters – we provide both reliable and accurate hardware and a unique target shooting software.

Our targets in action

How to choose the most appropriate target system for hunters?

When choosing the right shooting target system for hunters, we suggest looking at the distance for which you are training. INTARSO offers electronic scoring targets for 100 and 300-meter distances for rifles and air pistols. The electronic scoring target systems include both product hardware and target shooting software that ensure automatic hit recording and shot analysis. For the running boar discipline, INTARSO offers MT50 running target for hunting. Our team is here to help you determine the most suitable target system for your needs, please contact us to learn more.

What materials are INTARSO hunting targets made of?

INTARSO mainly uses solid metal to manufacture the target systems. This means that our target systems require minimum to no maintenance while ensuring long service life.

Can I use INTARSO hunting targets to train at the outside shooting ranges?

Yes, we want to provide the best, most realistic hunting experience for hunters; therefore INTARSO hunting targets are designed to be used at the outside shooting ranges.

What ammunition do INTARSO hunting targets support?

INTARSO target systems are designed to be used with the most popular hunting ammunition types. If you have special requests or have any doubts about the ammunition, please contact us.

How to set up INTARSO hunting targets?

We have various target systems for hunters, depending on the customer requirements and range setup. Our systems are usually installed by our service experts, but can be installed by the hunter or the club as well. All INTARSO target systems have detailed manuals that describe how each system should be installed. These are available on our document download page.