Can I buy INTARSO target systems for home usage?

Most of our target systems are meant for shooting and hunting clubs, gun ranges and practical shooting training ranges. However, there are products that can also be used by individuals at home.


Can I install INTARSO targets myself?

We offer an installation service for all of our target systems. However, many of our targets are very easy to set up and can be installed without our help as well. We have created very detailed user manuals that walk you through every step in the set-up process. These manuals, together with other documentation, are available in the document download page.


What technology do INTARSO target systems use?

Currently, most of the INTARSO target systems are based on the following technologies:

Closed chamber acoustic measurement The technology uses 4 microphones integrated into each corner of the target’s measuring frame. Once a bullet hits the target paper screen, it creates a circular sound wave pattern similar to a rock thrown into the water. The microphones pick up these waves and, by applying special algorithms, calculate the exact location of the hit with an accuracy of less than 1/10mm. This technology can be used both for air, small-bore and big bore subsonic and supersonic ammunition, creating a versatile, comprehensive solution. With a strong track record of several decades on the market, this technology has proven its reliability.

Open chamber acoustic measurement

Used for measuring supersonic ammunition, this system includes two open microphone arrays located at each side of the target. When the supersonic bullet travels through the air, it creates a shockwave cone similar to what a fighter jet makes when breaking the sound barrier. The microphones pick up these shockwaves and, by applying special algorithms, calculate the exact location of the hit. The major advantage of open chamber measurement is the absence of the physical measuring frame. In this case, target dimensions and shape can vary significantly that opens the possibility of numerous training scenarios. In addition, this system is capable of recognizing off-target misses since the bullet does not need to hit the target silhouette for its trajectory to be measured.


How can I contact Customer Support?

We suggest contacting our customer support by completing the technical support form. That way, we can automatically register your issue in our system and our support team can better track the progress while ensuring better customer service and faster issue resolution. Please remember to give as many details as possible when completing the form. We also encourage you to include pictures, if possible.

Do you provide remote support?

Yes, we usually start with remote support. When we receive your support request, in most cases, our specialist will get in touch with you and help you resolve the issue remotely.

What are the working hours of the INTARSO support team?

You can send us an email at any time but our team works from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00 CET. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. We try to respond to your queries within 24 hours from receiving the request.

Do you still support former Häring targets?

Yes, we still support former Häring targets. In order to report an issue with a Häring target, please follow the same approach as described in the “How can I contact Customer Support?” question.

Pricing & Ordering

How does INTARSO pricing work?

At INTARSO, we believe that it's important to have simple pricing modules so that our customers understand how our pricing system works right away; therefore, we have created a Pricing page, where we explain all the components that affect the price and show you how to tailor your products and services in a way that provides the most suitable pricing module for your needs.

How can I request a quote?

In order to request a quote for any of our target systems, please send us an email using the Contact Form.

Maintenance & Spare parts

Can I buy spare parts at INTARSO?

Yes, we offer spare parts for all our target systems and for most former Häring products as well. To view the list of all available spare parts, please visit the section Spare Parts on our website. If you cannot find a spare part for your target, please contact our team.

Are there any accessories available for INTARSO targets?

We offer the most popular target shooting consumables, like rubber roles and target paper for our products. We suggest you explore our shooting target consumables section for more information.

Can I repair the equipment myself?

Our target systems require very low or no maintenance at all. However, if maintenance is needed, we suggest that you contact our support team. At first, we will offer support over the phone and if this does not help, then will send our specialist to your location. Maintenance must be carried out by qualified specialists who are trained and experienced in a particular field and can properly assess the situation in order to avoid potential hazards.