Spot on our customers – Purnavu Muiza

Purnavu Muiza is one of the biggest and most well know hunting shops in Latvia. They also have their own private shooting range located just underneath the shop that is now equipped with INTARSO SQ80 electronic scoring target. Situated in the suburbs of Latvia’s capital city Riga, the facility is well known by hunters and shooting enthusiasts in all three Baltic states.

About Purnavu Muiza

The shop and the range were established in 2008 with the aim to create a hunting centre that would offer a full-service range to its customers from the moment the weapon is purchased up to full preparedness for the hunt.

It is a unique facility as they not only sell hunting equipment but also do optical scope sighting for weapons bought at their facility and elsewhere.

Purnavu muiza logo

Purnavu Muiza’s private shooting range is the only 100-meter indoor shooting range in the Baltics. It is equipped to perform optical scope sighting for both new and used weapons. They perform full-scale diagnostics for weapons, optical devices, silencers, weapon brackets, offering also ammunition paring and other services as requested by customers.

INTARSO SQ80 electronic scoring target at Purnavu muiza

“There are numerous nuances why customers might experience mistakes in their shooting practice, and we are equipped to help them diagnose the problem and fix that for them,” said Uldis Laucins, Instructor at Purnavu Muiza.

Previously Purnavu Muiza used electronic target from another target manufacturer, but they were not satisfied anymore. That system became out-dated with years, maintenance costs kept growing each year. Also higher level of accuracy was on demand. For a company that offers optical scope sighting and strives to offer the best quality service to its customers, highest level equipment is essential. Also, the fact that maintenance costs kept rising was another signal that it is time to switch to a more modern and reliable device.

Electronic scoring target

“We came across INTARSO electronic scoring targets through a recommendation by one of our customers who had heard that INTARSO targets are accurate and well equipped,” said Uldis.

SQ80 electronic scoring target is designed for 50, 100, and 300-meter distances. The system uses market-leading measuring technology of closed chamber acoustic measurement via piezo acoustic sensors that eliminate parallax errors and ensure exceptional accuracy across the entire target area. The sensors detect all projectile impacts caused by bullet noise.

SQ80 electronic target at Purnavu muiza

SQ80 electronic scoring target with software

The target supports a wide range of weapons including but not limited to small-bore and big-bore ammunition up to 7000 Joule shot energy. The target protection plate is made of 15mm Hardox® 500 making it ideal for the wide range of calibres that Purnavu Muiza is using.

Electronic scoring software

The target comes together with INTARSO electronic scoring software for automatic and immediate hit detection and analysis. The software is built according to the best mobile app user-experience practices. It is very intuitive and understandable. The software also offers an analytics module where it is possible to see how many shots have been made, which lanes have been the busiest, what kind of calibers and weapons have been used.

INTARSO electronic scoring system

Purnavu Muiza uses this to see what the most frequently used calibres are. This gives them a good understanding of what kind of weapons the customers are using and are interested in.

Another benefit the software analytics gives is the ability to see the number of shots and to be able to determine when consumables will need to be changed. It allows better planning ahead and allows to avoid target downtimes by ordering needed consumables before the target runs out of them.

It is possible to test our software in the demo environment we have built for our customers. Click here to apply for our software demo.

Target maintenance

Easy, do-it-yourself maintenance was an important criterion for Purnavu Muiza. The target has a self-healing endless ballistic rubber sheet that rotates after every shot, thus prolonging its life span.

SQ80 electronic target rubber sheet

When the time comes to change the rubber sheet it can be easily done just following a few simple steps. The target opens on the side.

SQ80 electronic target opens on the side

SQ80 electronic target opens on the side

“"We are satisfied with our decision to buy from INTARSO and recommend also other ranges to consider their targets,” concludes Uldis.